Vapotherm High Flow Therapy provides support for patients in respiratory distress. Appropriate for all ages, from neonate to geriatric, Vapotherm Systems delivers comfortable, well-tolerated therapy that may help patients avoid the discomfort and expense associated with mechanical or pressure based ventilation support. Delivered through a comfortable nasal cannula, only Vapotherm delivers High Flow Therapy with medical grade vapor, precise temperature and oxygen control and an easy-to-use integrated system with built-in patient safety alarms.
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April 07, 2014
A recent study presented in Pediatric Pulmonology concludes that High Flow Therapy may be as effective as NIPPV in preventing endotracheal ventilation. The study also discusses the different physiological mechanisms of High Flow Therapy and NIPPV. Read more about this study in the Comparison to Alternative Therapies section of the Clinical Resources page. 
March 05, 2014
Featured in the March/April Neonatal Intensive Care Magazine is an interview with Hank Perry, RRT of Community Regional Medical Center about his first-hand experience with Vapotherm. Mr. Perry, a Respiratory Clinical Coordinator in the NICU, shares with the magazine that he first used High Flow Therapy in 2008 with a preterm infant with evolving chronic lung disease. The results of the therapy “made all of us a believer in the therapeutic delivery and humidification of the Vapotherm device.” Read the entire article on page 18 of the magazine


Precision Flow

The Vapotherm Precision Flow device uses medical grade vapor, water jacket delivery tubing and precise temperature and oxygen control to provide high acuity respiratory patients with a less invasive and more comfortable alternative respiratory support. Precision Flow sets up in 5 minutes, requires minimal staff intervention to operate, includes patient safety alarms and eliminates rain-out.
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Heliox, a blend of helium and oxygen gas, has a significantly lower density than typical air/oxygen mixtures. With the Vapotherm Precision Flow Heliox, patients with restrictive airway disorders have a new, non-invasive option for delivering this specialty gas in combination with High Flow Therapy.
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